Monday, October 29, 2012

Pit Bull Pride

Pit Bull Pride - Day #29

The day started with a chill in the air. With the temperature in the mid-fourties, we arrived at Republic Square Park at 8:15am. The park was bare except for a handful of Love-A-Bull volunteers setting up shop and getting ready for the day's festivities. 

As one of the first Vendors to arrive, we were able to say our hellos to the Volunteers and allow ourselves plenty of time for setup. With Pit Bull Awareness Day being our most profitable (and of course most fun) event of the year, my husband and I were ready to get things moving!
A few hours after arrival, we were comfortably set up, waiting the day's festivities. At 12pm, the Pittie Pride Parade would be arriving on the fair-grounds and we knew that those few moments of the 'calm before the storm' (a storm of wiggling tails) would be much needed!

Then, suddenly, the parade appeared and hundreds (literally hundreds) of dogs and their people arrived! Dogs in costume, dogs with designer collars, dogs with bows, big dogs and little dogs alike could be seen in every direction!

I love events in Austin. Not only does it give me a chance to re-connect with the many amazing pet-related small businesses in my city, but it gives me the chance to really get out to interact with my own clients face to face. I was thrilled to meet Daisy and Arlo's mom, who I have spoken with many times, however I had not met her in person until PBAD. I was delighted to see Jagger and his amazing family again. Of course, meeting miss Coco Puffin was a huge highlight to the day and of course meeting many new friends and future clients just makes my day!

My husband jokes that within my circle, I am something of a celebrity (I wish!) and all day long I was delighted to be recognized by wonderful pet owners and fellow rescuers. We rarely had a moment to sit down all day with our booth space staying packed to the brim!

During the festivities, we were honored to have special guests, Tia Torres (of Pit Bulls and Parolees) and her crew stop by to say hello as well as Leroy Brown, owner of Karma the Flying Pit Bull, who picked up one of our T-Shirts for the event!

Overall, the day was executed brilliantly, the Love-A-Bull team should be over-overwhelmingly proud of themselves! The silent auction was a hit (my donation was purchased for several hundred dollars), the pittie pride parade was spectacular and everyone was all smiles as the day went by. 

The big question I have now is... Can I go ahead and reserve my space for next year already?? 

Love-A-Bull, you are awesome! Thank you for hosting this amazing event! 

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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