Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jagger! The Sweetest Face.

Pit Bull Pride - Day #4

You may remember this sweet face from a post I wrote on November 13, 2011. Yep, it's Jagger! I met this cutie pie last year at Pit Bull Awareness Day in Austin and quickly fell in love! 

'Jagger'  |  12in x 12in Portrait
The best part about my meeting Jagger was that I completely didn't notice his lip until his mom pointed it out. He and his sweet sister stopped by my booth to say hello and compliment the portraits I had on display. Being my usual self, I of course had to ask about their back-story and was lucky enough to have them visiting my booth for the next 20-30 minutes as Jagger's family shared his journey. 

Jagger was confiscated from a dog fighting ring in Houston, TX and held as evidence for nearly a month. When the news about this sweet little pup reached Treat Em Right Rescue (TERR), they rushed right over and as soon as he was released from custody, TERR scooped up Jagger (along with two other pups rescued from this same horrible situation) and rushed them home.

Jagger was in terrible shape. His upper right lip is missing, he has countless scars on his little body and was burned in his genital area. While no one will know the true cause of each scar, although it is hard not to become emotional while speculating how they got there. After visiting several specialists and with some wonderful medical care and TLC, Jagger put on some weight and started to show himself for what he truly is, a wonderful little dog!

Jagger met his forever family at a fundraising event. While he had certainly been noticed by his new mom, she couldn't help but wonder about this little pup and what his future held. But, as any loving pet parent can tell you, there is that moment that you just know. The moment where you fall in love and for Jagger, that moment had happened. 

Sweet little Jagger was still undergoing medical care when his family began his adoption process. Once his medical treatments were finalized and he was cleared for adoption, Jagger's family loaded up (his Pit Bull sister, Kayla included) and headed out for their first meet and greet! Unfortunately, this initial meeting did not go as planned. For Jagger and Kayla it was not love at first site. However, despite that first heart-break, Treat Em Right Rescue was willing to work with Jagger's hopeful family. A plan was set up to integrate the dogs together. 

For the next several weeks, Jagger's family would drive to pick Jagger up and walk him in one of the nearby parks with a safe distance between the two dogs. Eventually the dogs were able to walk side by side and the family began having 'sleepovers' with Jagger. As it turns out, Jagger adores smaller dogs and soon enough, he was able to be integrated with the whole family, including his two smaller dog siblings! 
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Jagger is now an active volunteer for Treat Em Right Rescue, attending events and greeting guests. He is also a wonderful advocate for Pit Bull type dogs everywhere, especially those that may have been treated badly in a past life. Jagger has a wonderful spirit and his silly little smile just makes everyone around him light up!

This year, you will be able to catch Jagger again at Pit Bull Awareness Day in Austin! Be sure to stop by The Pet Studio's booth to take a peek at his portrait!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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