Wednesday, October 3, 2012

StubbyDog Superhero Squad

Pit Bull Pride - Day #3

Last year, I was asked to donate a painting to an Art Fundraiser for StubbyDog, an awesome 501(c)3 organization with a vision of a world where every Pit Bull labeled dog has the right to a wonderful life. 
Being a Pit Bull mom of course I offered a piece (funny enough, the winner of the donor piece ordered a portrait of her two sweet kitties, Fred & Zoey!) to the auction. I didn't think much of the donation (it was one in a large number of donations that were sent out last year) until I was contacted again this year to be part of the Stubbydog Superhero Squad.

Of course, I couldn't refuse and after learning about the Superhero Squad, I immediately knew that there was something special here. The Superhero Squad is a group of pups and their owners that are making a HUGE difference in their own communities and in the way that 'pit bull' labeled pups are being perceived in public. 

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The ultimate goal of the StubbyDog Superhero is of course to bring awareness to how amazing our pups are. With the amazing group of Bully Breed advocates, I can't imagine how this Superhero Squad could not succeed in their mission!

You can learn more and donate to the Superhero Squad here or check out The Pet Studio's exclusive Superhero Necklace, featuring Superhero Wallace the Pit Bull! Each purchase of this necklace design will generate a $5 donation to the Stubbydog Superhero Campaign!

Stephanie Conrad

The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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