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Fred & Zoey: Client Profile!

Fred & Zoey
  • Ages: Fred, 5yr | Zoey, 3yr
  • Favorite Pastime: Cuddling
  • Favorite Toys: Laser pointer & Candy Wrappers

Zoey & Fred posing with their custom painting by The Pet Studio.

How did Zoey and Fred of them come into your life?   
I first met Fred at the adoption center at our local pet store.  He was in a harness, tied to a table and rolling around on the floor while he played with his leash.  The rescue organization told me that he was the last animal still available for adoption that they rescued from a hoarding situation.  It seems he lived with 40+ dogs and cats.  They couldn’t understand why no one snapped him up, since he was the sweetest and most outgoing of the bunch. 

I wanted to adopt an adult cat that would tolerate dogs and seeing his sweet and goofy personality displayed as he rolled around the floor… well, I didn’t have to think too hard about it.  I adopted him.  He soon became known as “Freddie Foo Foo Kitty” around the house.

Well, it wasn’t long before I felt in my heart that Fred needed a friend other than the dogs.  I went back to the same rescue group with the intention of adopting an older kitten.  I was looking through the cages when I felt something tugging at my pant leg.  There was a little paw grabbing me through the front of a carrier.  I looked in and it was a tiger kitten with a little smudge of orange on the top of her head and the loudest purr.

They took her out for me and she started making those little rolling, questioning meows.  She apparently was a stray kitten found all alone in a construction site.  I decided this kitten needed a Fred as much as Fred needed this kitten. 

Fred knew something was up the moment I walked in with the carrier.  He followed me into the basement, fluffed up and looking for trouble.  He glared at the crate and let out a low kitty growl from about four feet away.  I didn’t expect it would be love at first sight, because cats sometimes need an adjustment period when being introduced to other cats.

I opened the crate and out she came, looking around at her new surroundings.  Then she spotted Fred sitting there.  She let out another little questioning meow and walked right up to him, rubbing against his chest and chin.  Freddie didn’t know what hit him.  You could see the confusion all over his face, but she won him over almost immediately.  They have been inseparable ever since.

The kitten soon proved to be quite the stunt cat, wreaking havoc all over the house… including the taking out of an entire Christmas tree during the holidays.  I decided to name her “Zoey the Stunt Cat” in honor of stunt woman Zo√ę Bell.
Fred and Zoey hanging out on the couch.
What are their favorite toys? 
Fred loves the laser pointer.  We have one that is on a small flashlight and he will chase that little red dot for hours.  He can actually recognize the click of the particular flashlight and will run into the room looking for the laser light spot if he hears it.

Zoey is a bit of a thief.  Anything left out that is about the size of a thimble will be stolen and taken to the basement for playtime.  She also loves crinkly sounding toys.  For example: if you eat a piece of candy with a crinkly wrapper, she will come running from where ever she is and crawl all over you until you ball it up and throw it for her.  She’ll then either take it to the basement for playtime or carry it around in her mouth, crunching on it the whole time.

What are their favorite things to do? 
Fred and Zoey are best friends and spend a lot of time snuggled together and sleeping.  However, they do not discriminate and are just as happy curled up with a person or a dog as they are with each other.  They love it when the weather is good and I can open the front picture window which has a sill large enough for them to sit on and enjoy the butterfly/bird garden I’ve planted in the yard. 

Do they have silly moments?
Fred and Zoey have been seen walking about the house, almost as if they were physically joined at the hip.  They will walk side by side almost mirror images of each other.

Fred is fearless and is comfortable no matter where he is.  Even our veterinarian thinks he’s about the coolest cat he’s ever had in his office, because he wanders the rooms freely without fear and you can do anything to him.  Fred was also the first pet to befriend our rescued pit bull we’re rehabilitating, Lenny.  Lenny, who was very reactive with Fred at first, has learned a lot from his cat friend; how to be gentle with another animal, how to exhibit self control, how nice a cat can be to snuggle with, etc.

Fred also feels as though he is one of the dogs.  He plays with our smallest dog, Harley, on a regular basis.  They roll around on the floor together, play biting, batting at each other, etc.  Even Zoey has started getting into the act.  Both cats are amazingly patient and tolerant of the dogs.  We couldn’t ask for a better pair of cats to be part of our family.
"Fred & Zoey"

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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