Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Justice for Cisco

On April 14th, a life was lost in Austin. Cisco, a handsome Blue Heeler and best friend to Michael Paxton was shot and killed by an Austin Police Officer responding to an emergency call in the area. 

The officer arrived at Michael's home (the address given by the 911 caller according to news outlets in the area). As Michael was coming out from around his truck, the officer pulled a gun on him and held him at gunpoint. Hearing the commotion, Cisco came out from behind the house and barked at the officer (rightfully so, his owner was being threatened and Cisco could tell.)

Michael yelled at the officer to not shoot, that Cisco would not bite, but the officer immediately shot and killed Cisco, right in front of his best friend.
"Cisco" Original 18in x 24in painting
I will be sending this to Michael Paxton in memory of Cisco.

Michael Paxton has had a facebook page started in honor of Cisco's memory, Justice for Cisco, where he hopes to bring awareness of incidences like this one. This is not an isolated case, many family pets are killed each year because of mistakes and lack of training with Police Departments across the country. In this case particularly, the police officer should have noted that Michael was unarmed (the 911 called had stated that their was a domestic violence situation where a man was drunk and armed) and given him the chance to restrain Cisco.

A spokesman with the Austin Police Department has said that they will "Not second guess our officer." When any weapon is discharged, it is policy for an internal review to be administered, however, the officer that shot and killed Cisco and held up an innocent man at gunpoint is back on duty.

My heart goes out to Mr. Paxton and Cisco. My hopes are that he finds a peaceful justice for the wrong-doing that has happened to him and that this brings awareness to police departments so that they can up their training to avoid future tragedies like this one...

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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