Friday, October 5, 2012

Romeo and Juliet - A Love Story

Pit Bull Pride - Day #5

Just as in the romantic tragedy we all know so well, Romeo and Juliet (the pooch edition) is a story that touches our hearts.

Romeo's rescue story began several months before meeting Juliette. He was surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Shelter, a shelter that is not able to adopt our Pit Bull's due to ignorant city laws still in place by an uneducated government. He would have to be transported to a rescue organization outside of the city or otherwise be killed by the shelter. Luckily for Romeo, a very devoted rescuer, Ileana (a Volunteer with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue) rushed right over and scooped him up. Ileana re-registered Romeo's microchip information to her name and after signing him out of the shelter, he was on his way to start his new life! Romeo already had an adopter waiting for him and it seemed that he was going to have a very quick happy ending.

Unfortunately, his 'forever' family was far from forever and only a short time later he was picked up again by Animal Control and taken to Palm Beach County Animal Control. Since Ileana had re-registered his microchip information to her name, she was contacted by Palm Beach County ACC, who then informed her that when Romeo had been brought in, he brought along a friend. It turns out that Romeo had fallen in love with a beautiful little Pittie mix who was naturally named Juliette. 

It was evident that these two pups had bonded. They played together, they cuddled together and when one left the room, they mourned for each other's company. Both dogs were skinny and dirty, but despite their muddy appearance, it was obvious that they were both going to be taken into the care of Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue. 

These two pups were lucky enough to go into a lovely foster home together with their rescuer, Ileana! While in foster care, these two beauties thrived, playing together in the yard and overall bringing so much joy into Ileana's home. Juliette did not care for toys and was more than happy to run with Romeo or spend her time licking his face. If Romeo wasn't available, Juliette's would find her foster mom and cover her in kisses!

Sadly, after only a month in foster care, Juliette passed away due to an unknown illness. Her sudden loss left a hole not only in the heart of her sweet Romeo, but in the hearts of everyone who met her. Romeo was by her side when she passed.
'Juliette'  |  18in x 24in Painting by The Pet Studio
Juliette had the most beautiful eyes. Her foster mom told me this week, "Her favorite thing to do was to go on car rides. She would sit in the front seat and just stare at me with those beautiful eyes - full of gratitude! That's what I miss the most about her... those eyes."

As with all loss, time healed those wounds. Romeo has now been adopted into his true forever family and will spend the rest of his life being loved and spoiled. 

"Thank you so much for bringing back memories of this special bonded pair. We sometimes get caught up in the everyday hustle along with our daily activities and forget those special lives that have left warming memories on our hearts. Juliette was one of those lives and we will never forget her. She was taken much too soon from us." - Big Hearts for Big Dogs.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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