Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Rescue on Tupelo St.

Pit Bull Pride - Day #6

Working with a non-profit to rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina already makes Tupelo's dad a special individual. The fact that he selflessly gave his time to help rebuild the shattered lives of others shows he had a wonderful heart, so I guess it is no surprise to anyone when they hear that he rescued this sweet little black pit bull mix off the streets as he was heading home. 

Since he was rescued on Tupelo St, it only seemed right to rename him right there, marking the beginning of his new journey!

Tupelo was an absolute mess when his owners brought him home. He had obviously been living on his own in the devastating aftermath of the Hurricane, yet with his friendly disposition and positive energy, no one would have suspected that he was once left without the love of a human companion. 

Tupelo came with some quirks of course. He had heart worms and intestinal parasites as well as suffering from allergies. He needed special baths and medication a skin condition. He needed to learn some basic manners and of course needed to be neutered. With time, however, and a little TLC, Tupelo recovered from his medical issues and those behavior issues slowly went away. What's left is a little black dog that loves to be loved! He lights up everyone's day with his silly disposition.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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