Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Grateful Daisy

Pit Bull Pride - Day #7

'Daisy' by The Pet Studio  |  Sold
For nearly a year, Daisy waiting patiently in a kennel at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. She quickly became both a staff and volunteer favorite with her charming personality, however her high-energy and excitement level continually turned away potential adopters. While she remained as sweet as can be, three walks a day was just not cutting it for this special girl. She began to get restless as she watched dog after dog around her move on to their new lives. 

Luckily for Daisy, a special new rescue was formed by two of the staff members at the shelter. They worked to focus specifically on long stay dogs that needed a change from the shelter environment or those that were going to be marked next on the euthanasia/kill list. 

Daisy was scooped up by Grateful Pets Rescue and became the first dog in their care! She adjusted quickly and although it wasn't a permanent home, Daisy was able to have outdoor playtime in a yard and she was to be loved on just like a member of the family. For the next year, she lived with her rescuers, again waiting patiently for her forever home.

Last month, Grateful Pets was able to attend one of the monthly adoption events hosted by my advocacy organization, No Kill Wilco, where Daisy and another adorable pooch named Chuck were the lucky pups to attend. We host this event at Central Texas Harley Davidson once a month, with invitations to all area rescue organizations to attend. Naturally, we were thrilled to see Grateful Pets join us and even more thrilled when they celebrated their very first adoption, Unfortunately for Daisy, she was not adopted that day, however he buddy Chuck did head off to his new home! While Chuck's adoption was amazing in itself and gave hope to this new rescue that they were on the right path with their mission and these special dogs that they are working so hard for, seeing Daisy stay behind was a bit disheartening. Daisy had been waiting so long and it was beginning to look like she would be waiting forever.

What this little rescue didn't know was that Daisy would be going home sooner than they expected. The very next weekend, at another adoption event, Daisy found her forever family!

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, where Daisy lived the first year that she was rescued is a No Kill, Open Admission Shelter in Central Texas. Without their commitment to be a true No Kill shelter, Daisy would probably not be alive today. After one year in the shelter, then another in rescue, Daisy's story is one of hope. A story that shows how every animal has their place, it just may take a little longer to find that perfect home for some pets, but that certainly does not mean that they are not worth fighting for.  

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist