Monday, October 8, 2012

The best kind of Scar

Pit Bull Pride - Day #8
There is a saying that 'Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts." In the case of one family, there is a Scar on their heart in place of that pawprint. Not a scar from a wound, but simply the pawprint left behind by their sweet little Pittie named Scar. Sadly, Scar passed away earlier this year after a long battle with Cushing's disease. 

Scar was only 8 years old when his family lost him. But, from every word his family shared, I could tell that he was a loving and loyal family member, right to the very end. As a puppy Scar was originally adopted by a friend of his family, but unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of their control, they were unable to keep him. Since Scar had already made an impression on them, he was scooped up and brought home to live our the rest of his life being spoiled. 

Scar was a big cuddlebug that just loved to lay around on the couch. His favorite thing to do was to watch Rachel Ray's cooking show! Yes, he would sit on the couch and really watch as she sauteed onions or baked a delicious looking pie. He loved to snuggle in bed between his mom & dad and of course loved going on walks! A favorite pastime would be searching for cats to chase while out on his daily walk, but since he could never catch one, he settled for chewing on a rawhide in the evening. 

Though he did not grow up with kids, when Scar's new brother, CJ, was born, he immediately took to him. Many of his families friends were worried about Scar with the new baby, but as many pit bulls are, Scar proved to be a wonderful companion for his new little brother. Scar would follow CJ around and when he stopped, Scar would move in for a snuggle! 

While losing Scar was absolutely heartbreaking, his family looks back on him with fond memories and will always cherish the time that they spend loving their first baby. 

"I am more thankful than I ever thought I would be that I had you make the beautiful painting that you did for us of Scar before he left us. Thank you again for creating such a memorable piece of art that we get to look at every day to remind us of our first son." 
-Ericka, Scar's mom.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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