Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lily, Pro Football Chaser!

Pit Bull Pride - Day #9

Lily, a 4 1/2 year old pit bull mix was drafted adopted into her family after she was found running along a snow covered road in the middle of a busy intersection. Her Uncle instantly felt compassion for this poor pup and stopped. Lily jumped right into the car and her life changed forever! Her rescuer planned to keep Lily for his own, but with two young children, he felt that his time would be too limited, so he asked Lily's mom to take her for awhile so they could make a decision on where Lily would live. As soon as Lily's mom met her, it was love and from that moment, she knew Lily would stay with her forever!

Lily took to her new home immediately, so much so that her former family even felt a little jealous at how well Lily fit in, but were grateful that she would be close-by so they could visit! 
While she had gone through some major changes in her life, Lily took to being spoiled very well. She snuggled with her new mom, played catch in the yard, scarfed down every meal and truly learned to love watching football. She is a big Packers fan and wears her 'Lil' Jersey every game! (She even had her portrait painted in her jersey!)

Lily has never met a ball she didn't like. Her favorites include deflated footballs and tennis balls, but if those aren't around, she will settle for a tuggy rope. 

Lily's best friend (some may speculate that they are more than that despite being spayed and neutered) is a Boston Terrier named Scruffy. Scruffy protects Lily from every male dog that walks her way and at times it seems as though Lily finds his protectiveness quite charming! Lily was also best friends with an elderly Maltese named Tiffany, but sadly she lost him due to age. As most Pit Bulls do, Lily loves children and lights up when her two legged cousins, Damien and Andrew stop by for a visit! 

"I cannot even begin to put into words how Lily has changed my life. She has been with me through the toughest times and has taught me to smile when I thought I never would again. She shows me what it is to love, even when it feels impossible. She really is my life and my love." -Lisa, Lily's mom.
'Lily' | Custom 8in x 10in Portrait by The Pet Studio
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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