Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Arlo, the Great

Pit Bull Pride - Day #16

Arlo is a handsome, 5 year old oversized baby! He weighs in around 75 lbs and is a solid mass of pure joy. 

His family had no idea that rescuing Arlo would change their lives forever. 

When Arlo's family first begain their search for the perfect dog to bring home, they had an English Bulldog in mind. Being a military man, Arlo's dad really wanted to bring in the Marine mascot, as they had already made a connection with the breed. But, as many adoptive pet parents will tell you, what you have in mind isn't always what you end up falling head over heels in love with! 

Arlo was found in a part of rural Texas, where it is not uncommon for dogs to be dumped or left behind by an unloving former family. As it happened, Arlo was one of these dogs. He happened to wander onto the property owned by the brother of a coworker/friend of Arlo's now family. He lived there for nearly 6 weeks, however since he was much too big to play comfortably with the resident dog, he just couldn't stay. So, Arlo's dad headed out to meet him. As he arrived, he realized that Arlo was just an overall cool dog. 

Arlo was the first pit bull that his family brought home, but he fit in immediately. His first play session included a bout of nibbling on his mom's ears and covering her in playful licks.  It was love right away. His family knew nothing of his breed other than what they had heard, but his happy attitude quickly won them over. Arlo was even invited to be the 'Best Dawg' in his parents wedding! 

Although his family loved him very much, they did face some adversity bringing home a pit bull, especially one as big as Arlo. They were quick to learn that people will judge their dog without getting to know him and have even been told outright that he is 'nothing but a baby killer'. This ignorance led them to seek out Love-A-Bull and other pit bull owners. Since meeting Love-A-Bull, Arlo's family are now able to use their knowledge and become an advocate for pit bulls and all rescued dogs. Arlo has also opened the door to other dogs that have joined their family, including Daisy, who was rescued from the Humane Society of Central Texas. 

Arlo has passed his Canine Good Citizen Certification and uses his positive attitude to win over everyone he meets. His favorite game is being wrapped up in soft blankets, then spending the next hour rolling around, tangling himself up, then untangling himself. He enjoys gnawing on his bones and chasing lizards and squirrels from the yard. 

Arlo is constantly making us smile. He is super smart, but pretends that the only words he understands are "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner". He acts like a big tough dog, then suddenly jumps because he sees a pinecone! He has no problem being vocal in letting us know that it is Arlo time, and demands to be scratched all over his rump!

"Arlo is my "heart" dog. You know, that one special dog that comes into your life and just changes everything! I owe it to him to speak up for the rest of them and to help change all dogs lives for the better."
-Amanda, Arlo's mom

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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