Monday, October 15, 2012

Betsy, the Happy Pit Bull

Pit Bull Pride - Day #15

"Our home had been dog-less for several months in the fall of 2010 and we knew when the time was right, that we'd adopt again. I downloaded the Pet Finder app on my phone and was casually "just looking" when I came across a big eared pit bull mix named Betsy.

My heart skipped a beat and at that moment, my husband looked over at me and said, "Uh oh, I know that look!. 

After reading all about her, I saw she was available through the Our Pack Rescue Inc, based in the San Jose/Los Gatos area. We were then reading everything we could on their website and quickly sent in an email to inquire about her. I was soon talking with Marthina, the Our Pack President about the pup that would one day change my life. 

After phone interviews, sending in the adoption application and meeting her wonderful foster family...we were approved to take her into our family! 

We fostered her for a month to make sure she'd be a good fit and then by Christmas she was officially our girl! 

Betsy is energetic, alert, smart, loving, quirky, sensitive and is always ready for playtime. She is 50lbs and 2 1/2 years old, although due to her proportions and energy, many people still think she is a puppy. 

She passed her AKC Star Puppy as a youngster, then her AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification last year. We continue to take her to training classes available through Our Pack as well as Cali K9, where she is now learning how to maneuver around agility courses. 

We are also members of Hike-A-Bull, a local dog hiking group started originally for dogs that tend to be discriminated against based on their looks (such as pit bulls). Now the group has many different size and shape breeds all walking together, respecting each others space.  It's been a wonderful outlet for us all. She especially loves walking with her cousin, Harry, a handsome, goofy American Staff. Terrier also adopted from Our Pack by my sister. 

Betsy gets to go to work almost daily with her Daddy. There she gets to see one of her best pals, Bodie, a young Boxer. They love to wear each other out with their adventures around the office.

Betsy loves to leave her toys in weird locations and positions around the house. For example balancing toys on the edge of furniture, or so they are "standing up" on the floor. She even places her "piggy" facing out the window along with her. She loves any Kong or toy that can have a treat stuffed inside them. We've had to get creative and make it more difficult for her to get the rewards out because she as learned to use furniture and the walls to manipulate the treats out!

When she gets all the tug-o-war and "zoomies" out of her system and is ready for snuggles, there is nothing better. She loves to give kisses, hugs and nuzzle her head into your arms. Children tend to be really drawn to her and her silly, happy energy. A goal of ours, as she matures, is to have her become a certified therapy dog and work with children. 

We adore our sweet little Betsy... with Betsy Rue, there is never a dull moment in our lives!"
-Joyce, Betsy's mom

'Betsy' | 16in x 20in Custom portrait by The Pet Studio
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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