Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ladybug, The Pibble Mix

Pit Bull Pride - Day #14

Lady Bug poses with her portrait.

Lady Bug is 4 years old today! Well, maybe a little older, but four years ago today is when she was rescued, so today marks the beginning of her new life!

Lady Bug was found standing in the middle of the street late one evening only a mile from the place she would call home forever. Naturally, she was a little scared, but luckily her family didn't mind and patiently spent their evening coaxing her until finally they were able to catch Lady Bug and put her in the car. 

The plan was to foster this sweet girl until they could get her healthy, but one look into those sweet, bright eyes and they were hooked! Her charming personality and sweet disposition quickly helped her settle right into her new life!

Sadly, Lady Bug had obviously never known toys and didn't know how to play with them when she was first offered. Then, one day, the neighbor's son was playing basketball and accidentally tossed the ball into the yard. Lady Bug was immediately interested, so later that day, she stealthily made her way next door to steal the ball for herself. Well, that was it, Lady Bug soon had her own collection of basketballs (including the stolen basketball, which the neighbors decided to let her keep!). Her favorite version was discovered weeks later when her mom found a small, squeaky basketball. Lady Bug had always enjoyed chasing the big basketball, but this little ball was the perfect size! The first time she caught it, it was a special moment between her and her mom as Lady Bug just lit up for this new game.

In the beginning, there was speculation as to what breed mix Lady bug really was. So, to put this question to rest, her family had her DNA tested. It turns out that she is a very random, but hilarious mix of dog breeds; Predominantly Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador, Boxer but with a hint of German Shepherd and (of all breeds) Boston Terrier! She now weighs about 70 pounds and one thing is sure, she is 100% pure love.

Lady bug has four fabulous sibling dogs to play with and shares a special relationship with each of them. She spends her days playing with them, eating with them and snuggling with each of them. Llama, her 14 lb brother is her favorite tuggy toy partner. Tucker, a Scottish Terrier, is her wrestling buddy, although Lady seems confused why he never gets any bigger like she did! Rockit, a Beagle, is her snuggle buddy. Then there is Hercules, a big lovable 'bear' of a dog who is 15 years old. Hercules is full of wisdom and shares that wisdom with Lady Bug during their daily cruises around the yard. 

"Lady Bug knows no aggression, no anger or jealousy. She has left her past in the past and as long as their are sweet whispers, belly rubs and of course 'ball', her life is complete. Lady Bug is kind, caring, sweet, lovable and hysterical. She is always willing to please, sometimes even without trying. She is a smile for my heart 24 hours a day!"
-Merrily, LB's mom

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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In addition to being a fabulous dog, Lady Bug is also involved in raising awareness for rescue dogs. Her online auction to raise money starts today on her Facebook Page and even includes some goodies from The Pet Studio!!