Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hayley: The 'Golden' Pit Bull

Pit Bull Pride - Day 13

"A brown tree behind chain link. Today is day 30 and this tree has been my only view for the last month of my life. My family has forgotten me as they have moved on to their new lives. They chose a space where I was not welcome and for that, I was abandoned. I wish I could tell them that I am sorry. If they knew how much I loved them, maybe they would come back. Maybe, just maybe if I had been a better dog....

I remember how the children cried as they walked back to their car. I tried hard to get to them. I swore I would protect them forever, but I was held back by the shelter staff. I just wish I could give them one more cuddle. I just want one more chance to slobber them in kisses! 

I've heard that I am a 'pit bull' and because of that, I may die. I wish that someone would tell me what I need to do to not be one of these 'pit bulls'. I can change, I swear! I don't want to die.

I sigh as I lay down again. My choices are limited; pace or sleep. My life has become a never changing routine. One short walk in the morning, another in the evening, then I watch the sunset through my limited view. 

My heart is heavy. I feel broken. My tail no longer wags, my eyes no longer shine. I feel like I am slowly fading away. These concrete walls make me feel little, scared and completely alone as I fall asleep dreaming of my family.

Day 31 comes and a new kennel mate is brought in. She is a playful, pretty girl. Her name is Daisy. They call her a 'Golden Retriever' and she makes everyone smile. I wish I could become a 'Golden Retriever'! 

Today is her first day and she still bounces around. She almost makes me want to play, as her charming personality is just radiant  For the first time in days, I eat a full meal, with my new friend by my side. 

For the next two weeks, Daisy is my best friend. We take our morning and evening walk together. We play together and at night we snuggle into a ball of fur. She makes me feel safe and warm. With her, I am no longer scared because she has become my family. 

We stand together at our kennel door every day, waiting for families to walk by. Daisy loves everyone and all of the people smile at her and give her pets. I stand a little quietly beside her, hoping that someone will drop in a treat as they pass by. My favorite visitors are the children! They are just the right size and their little hands always taste so good! 

It seems as though everyone stops by to say hello, but I keep hearing that I am a bad dog because I am a pit bull. People say that I look scary because I have little pointy ears and because I am a big girl. The days pass on and Daisy and I watch the other dogs around us being led out with their new families some of them yipping in delight as they step out into the fresh air. Daisy and I started to feel like our day would never come.

Then something amazing happened.

A family asked to meet us. Both of us! Together!

The shelter workers put on a leash and we are led out to a play yard where a group of people are waiting. Four adults and 3 children are waiting anxiously to say hello. The shelter worker talks to the adults while the kids hand us treats. I can't stop my tail from wagging as I kiss their faces and nibble their fingers! My best friend Daisy bounced around, unable to control her excitement. 

Our papers were files (I guess that means I am a pure-breed, since I have papers and all!) and we were finally led out the door! It turns out that Daisy and I were now cousins and each had our own families to love us! 

We still have play-dates almost every weekend. My new mom has become my favorite person. I love the kids so much and my dad is amazing, but my new mom tells me every day how special I am. She promises me that I do not ever need to be scares and that I will never, ever be forgotten again. I completely believe her!"
-Hayley, adopted 2010

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist