Friday, October 12, 2012

Justice, a social media rescue

Pit Bull Pride - Day #12

With only hours left for this sweet little pup, rescuers continued to send out last minute pleas to spare her life from one of the saddest shelters in our country, New York Animal Care and Control. While her photo circulated around social media outlets, particularly Facebook, the outcome for sweet Justice was beginning to look grim. 

Then, something wonderful happened. When Lisa logged on to check her nightly Facebook updates, she noticed Justice's photo and immediately felt something. A spark. A connection. This little dog's photo spoke to her and despite being miles apart, Lisa knew that she had to save her. 

Just minutes later, Lisa jumped on a train and took a nearly 2 hour ride to the heart of New York to pick up this sweet little girl. Both of their lives changed forever, all because of a photo. 

Justice arrived home the day before Thanksgiving. She immediately fit right in and was able to celebrate the holidays being loved and doted on. (It's amazing to think that she may not have been given that chance had rescuers not taken the time to diligently network this sweet girl). 

As fun and wonderful as the holiday season is, Justice seemed to enjoy meeting her new family most of all, including a family member that was just the right size, Lisa's 7 year old Godson! 

When it comes to other dogs, Justice is full of love. Her best friend is another rescue pup and  Justice looks forward to their playdates and long walks in the park together. She also loves playing with her favorite toys, including a frog that ribbits back at her! 

Justice may be only one dog, and Lisa may just be one person, but their story truly shows how one person can change the world. 

"She changed my life by renewing my faith that one person can make a difference. The love I receive from her is unlike and that I have ever known. It hurts my heart to think of the prejudice that pit bulls have against them. They are amazing dogs; loving, loyal and very smart!"
-Lisa, Justice's mom

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist