Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daisy, the Cuddle Queen

Pit Bull Pride - Day #17

Daisy is a true cuddle queen! Being a shelter dog, literally hours from being taken to the back room, Daisy was rescued. She truly loves nothing more than being loved and since rescuing her, Daisy shows her appreciation every day!

After losing their 2nd rescue pit bull, Leroy to a rare cancer after only having him in their lives for 1 year, Daisy's family was devastated. It didn't take long to realize that there was an empty space in their lives. Their first foster was a pit bull named Angelo, who was fostered through Love-A-Bull. Angelo had them hooked on fostering and as soon as he found his forever home, Daisy's family headed to The Humane Society of Central Texas, where pit bulls do not even get the chance to be adopted.  Their philosophy is that is "just doesn't work", therefore all pit bulls and pit bull mixes are sentenced to a certain death. 

As they walked through the kennels, a little skin and bones pit bull mix t the very end of the hall was standing with her paws on top of her dogloo, desperately trying to soak up the few inches of sun that had reached her kennel that morning. This site was too much and immediately  Daisy's family knew they had to take her home. 

Daisy had clearly had litters of puppies in the past. She was as sweet as can be, and because of that, the shelter staff had agreed to sponsor her to at least give her the opportunity to be pulled by a rescue. It took some negotiating, but since the family had experience with pit bulls, the the staff agreed to let Daisy's family foster her. 

Daisy fit in perfectly with her pit bull brother Arlo and her new foster families lifestyle. She went from stray skin and bones to a loved family member and snuggle queen. After several months of being a 'foster' it was decided that Daisy would officially become a member of the family! 

Daisy has passed her Canine Good Citizenship Certification and is on her way to being a certified therapy dog! She is most certainly a Daddy's girl and when she isn't being sneaky and stealing Arlo's toys, her favorite thing to do is to cuddle up with her family! 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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