Monday, December 7, 2015

Justice for Little Debbie

Photo of Little Debbie while in foster care with G.A.O.
Photo credit Kim De Araujo Photography

At just 10 months old, Little Debbie was in training to become a therapy dog - primarily to work with soldiers. This charming little lady was rescued and fostered by one of my personal favorite rescues, Georgetown Animal Outreach. Little Debbie was then adopted into a wonderful home, where she was part of a loving family. 

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Little Debbie was found shot on her own property, her back legs almost completely severed by the bullets. Little Debbie had died by the time they reached the Vet Clinic. Just a few days earlier, their other dog, Nutter Butter, had been shot, but he is expected to survive. 

It is believed that a neighbor shot these dogs, however, the incident is still being investigated at this time. This neighbor has not yet admitted to shooting both dogs, however, his friends have happily jumped into the conversation on the Justice for Little Debbie facebook page, defending the neighbor by posting claims of unrelated issues and neighbor disputes that occurred before Little Debbie was even born, as if this justifies the murder of a puppy. 

Little Debbie's family is seeking justice and will continue working to bring closure to this case. We hope that the facts come to light and that this man is charged for every crime he has committed. 

At only 10 months old, Little Debbie was still a young, playful dog. She was a member of the family, she was loved and that a family is now missing a piece of their lives. 

You can follow the story on the Justice for Little Debbie facebook page.

Stephanie Conrad
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