Friday, January 15, 2016

Fabulous Felines!

Walter - Adopted! 
Now that 2016 is officially here, I have finally had a break from the chaos of Christmas. My clients are amazing and I wouldn't trade the crazy last months of the year for anything, but I do miss my volunteer time each week since I have to focus on work and can't give away my free time as usual. Of course, now that I have a few hours a week, I love giving that time to my favorite shelter, the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. Not only does this shelter work hard to provide a clean, friendly environment for both the animals in their care and potential adopters walking through the door, but we have continued to save well over 90% of the animals that end up at the shelter for the last 5 - yes FIVE - years!

WCRAS is an open admission shelter, which means we take in ANY domestic animals (that also includes pigs, goats and even chickens from time to time) that come through our door. This is no small feat. Last year, the shelter took in 2929 cats and not a single cat was euthanized for space. This all despite having a huge spike in intake this summer when dozens of cats were brought in from multiple hoarding situations. 
I am so incredibly proud to work with such a great shelter with such beautiful people - both staff and volunteers! 

Baby, awaiting adoption
Flower and Thumper cuddled up for an afternoon nap. Both have been adopted.
Samoa, available for adoption.
Shadow, available for adoption.
Nala, available for adoption.