Friday, December 4, 2015

Magical Moments...

The past few months have been hectic with holiday preparations for my little business. With this crazy schedule, I have unfortunately been unable to get to the Williamson County Regional Shelter for one of my favorite activities - photographing cats to help them find their forever homes! 

This week, I finally had a few free hours and made some time to visit the shelter and I am SO glad that I did because I had the opportunity to meet Jordyn. Not only does she love animals, but Jordyn has such a huge heart, she and her brother Jeremy decided that instead of gifts for their birthdays, they would ask for donations for the shelter animals! This week, Jordyn brought these gifts in; piles and piles of treats, toys, cleaning supplies and a personal donation to help our shelter financially! 

As a Thank You, one of our most adorable adoptable pups, Butter, came out to say hello and it was just magical watching Jordyn's face light up! Jordyn happily clutched Butter's leash and smiled affectionately at him as she shared her favorite dog stories with us, including her favorite show, Lucky Dog on CBS where she has learned the basic steps to ensuring a happy, healthy and well trained dog! Listening to her tell her stories, we were all touched by her love and passion for animals and we are incredibly honored to have such an amazing friend for our shelter pets!

Thank you Jordyn and Jeremy for supporting the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter! 

Stephanie Conrad
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