Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shirts and Totes!

I am so excited to launch our new T-Shirt and Tote Bag product line this month! Not only am I bringing back some of my client's favorite past designs in a whole new way, but I have had the honor of becoming a member of the Austin Aritst's Screen Printing Co-op (ASPCO). 

With some amazing printing equipment at my hands and the help of my great husband, I am able to continue offering items that have the same hand-crafted feel of my portraits, but in a fun, wearable way! Each shirt is hand-pulled by yours truly, giving it an authentic Pet Studio charm! 

So, what is screen printing?

To put it simply, it is painting on a shirt. For each design, I spent hours creating the actual image that will go on the shirt. Once this is complete, I create a screen for the shirt (basically a stencil) that will allow me to re-apply the same design over and over again without significant changes within the print. To create this screen, I first apply a liquid plastic to a mesh screen. Once this plastic dries, I then print my image onto a clear transparency. I lay this transparency onto the plastic screen and 'expose' the screen with a bright light. Once this plastic is exposed to light, it hardens. With the transparency image covering an area of the screen, that area is not exposed, so I can clear that soft plastic out of the screen with a tough stream of water. Once this soft plastic is 'blown out' of the screen, I let it dry and voila! I have my image stenciled into the plastic!

Once the screen is dry, I am able to use the screen to print my image onto shirts, totes, posters or whatever I want!

Each shirt is then put onto my printing press on a platten (almost alike a little shelf) where I can then print my screen over the shirt and apply the image. Each image is hand-pulled by me - so I can guarantee a unique shirt design for you! I then dry the shirts in an industrial dryer to cure the ink. Once the ink is dry, I then pack up the shirts to send your way!

For questions on orders or to place a large order (of 25+ shirts) at a discounted rate, please feel free to contact artist, Stephanie Conrad at 

Yes, I can custom-make images for rescue organizations. For quotes on shirts, email Orders need to be a minimum of 25+ shirts or tote bags!

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist