Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Holly!!

We had a blast in San Francisco last week. San Francisco is a city full of excitement, love, art and beautiful scenery. Honestly, the only place I would rather be is right here at home in Austin with my own pups. Of course, I enjoyed meeting random pets while we were on vacation, but there is nothing like the dog scene in Austin. 

Of course, after spending a week in wine-country, we certainly didn't want to jump right back into working as soon as we got home, so we decided to celebrate a belated 5th birthday for my little Pittie mix, Holly with a day at our favorite dog-friendly Austin spots!

Our first stop was Red's Porch, a super dog-friendly restaurant bar in South Austin. They host a delicious mimosa for a morning drink and a complimentary bowl of water for the pup! Holly developed a crush on our waiter and spent the morning play-bowing as he walked by. I think she almost fainted for joy when he finally got a chance to stop and love on her. 

Our next stop was Woof Gang Bakery, a doggy deli where we scooped up a tasty treat for Holly. She chose a pink cake of course because that is our signature color! Yes, I took pictures of her devouring her cake - why not? I see babies with cake on their face all the time and Holly certainly is my child! :-)

After Holly's snack, we decided to stop by my favorite spot in Austin, Icenhauer's bar on Rainy Street where Holly enjoyed dumping out bowls of water and rolling around in mud. Since we were so early and the place was empty, the staff didn't mind and Holly certainly enjoyed herself - although, my car was nice and muddy after the ride home. After a couple of drinks, we stopped by Bangers Sausage and Beer for dinner. Now, I know what you are thinking... Isn't Stephanie and Vegetarian?? Yes! I am and I enjoyed a delicious Veggie Sausage (go Bangers for having Veggie options!) while watching pups play in the dog park outside. Holly isn't as dog-friendly as I would like, unfortunately, so she watched from our table but had fun nonetheless. (We call Holly dog un-sure as she gets nervous with dogs that are too in-her-face. As a responsible dog-owner, I know her limits and will certainly keep her out of a situation that could potentially turn ugly). 

After dinner, we decided to go for a stroll by Town Lake and enjoy a gorgeous sunset across the water. By the end of the day, not only was Holly a tired out pup, but we were all ready to curl up for the night! 

Stephanie Conrad
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