Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just One Day...

As I wake up this morning, I am feeling incredibly rested. The kind of rest where there is no worry or stress and you wake up knowing that something wonderful has happened. I contribute my great rest last night to the millions of people around the country that participated in yesterday's Just One Day Pledge.

Percy, Adopted June 11, 2012
Yesterday, a dream that I share with many other rescuers actually came true. Yesterday, shelters from California to Texas to Maine stepped up to stop killing adoptable pets! In Texas alone, over 60 organizations took the Pledge. 

One of those organizations, The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, where I myself volunteer, stepped up for the Pledge and stayed open all day (usually WCRAS is closed on Monday's for surgery) to adopt out pets to their new forever homes! 

As the doors opened for the day, visitors, volunteers and potential adopters started piling in... and they didn't stop! During the first four hours of the adoption event, 25 pets were adopted out, including several of our long-term cats, one of whom is an FIV positive kitty (Percy - pictured here!). Both Staff and Volunteers had tears in their eyes as Percy moved out of the shelter on his way to start his new life.

As the day moved on, I was fortunate to spent my time educating new pet parents and assisting in visitations for  potential adopters. I met so many amazing families yesterday. Some with children, some without, some seniors, some newlyweds but the one thing they all have in common... they are our community members. These are the individuals that we are working with, the ones that want our shelter to save lives and the ones that are going to promote adoptions in the future simply because they were greeted with a smile and made to feel like we want them to be part of our success! 

Fern with her new mom!
By 4pm, 30  pets were on their way to their new home, to play, to cuddle and to know that they will be loved with a warm place to sleep!

And.. the shelter, well, the morale was through the roof! The Staff was all smiles and jokes, laughter could be heard in almost every area of the building and the best part... several cages were empty with an implied "I'm Adopted" sign hanging over them! 

At 6pm (closing time) adoption numbers reached well over three times the norm. With 34 wiggling tails and happy meows now out in their new homes, the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is able to open their doors to more life-saving challenges and continue the trend as we move forward to a No Kill Williamson County!

While it was labeled 'Just One Day,' yesterday was not just another day. Yesterday was a day that ended needless killing. Yesterday was a day that changed minds and showed shelters that they can do it and that their communities are behind them! Yesterday was a day that proved change is good and that amazing things can happen when a shelter embraces and partners with their communities! 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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Volunteers, Adopters and Visitors all made this 'Just One Day' possible!