Monday, March 12, 2012

...and they prefer the basket!

I adore my two kitties. They are easy going, fairly neat and both are very affectionate and friendly with both us and our guests! Pretty much the perfect cats! So, naturally, I want to spoil them with toys and treats. This morning, I set out their basket filled with kitty toys, balls with bells in them, squeaky toys, little fuzzy mice and catnip filled toys... but as cats can do, they both blatantly ignored my offering. So, I thought to myself, I will just leave them out and let them play when they are ready.... 

So, I go to work (in my office, just a room away), forgetting about the basket of fun that I left out for the kitties. A few minutes later, I hear lots of jingling and toy tossing. I imagine they are just around the corner having the best time! I can picture the kitties chasing the balls and carrying the mice around. So, I get my camera ready, hoping to capture the kitties having a great time and as I turn the corner... I see Jazz, cuddled up and snoozing.... in the basket where the toys were. 

Jazz enjoying the basket where we keep the kitty toys...
...and just a few steps away, a very guilty pooch (Miss Holly Madison) having a blast with the kitty toys! At least someone got some joy out of the toys! :-)
Holly feeling guilty after playing with the kitty toys... 
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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