Monday, March 5, 2012

(AAPA) Amazing Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive should really change it's abbreviation of 'APA' to AAPA - Amazing Austin Pets Alive... because that's what they are... amazing! 

Austin Pets Alive started making changes in 2008, when Ellen Jefferson, DVM stepped in as leader of this organization. Not only did she come in with a mindset to save animals, but she stepped up for the animals that were not even given a second glance at Austin's City Animal Shelter (at the time called Town Lake Animal Center). 

Austin Pets Alive has grown at an astounding rate. This is not because they pump money into advertising for their organization, nor is it because they are lucky. It has to do with hard work, dedication and the ability to set and follow through with the goals they want to achieve.

In 2008, the goal was to save all puppies and kittens that would be killed at our city shelter. With hard work, that goal was achieved and APA was able to focus on new goals and find creative ways to achieve those. Their successes began to show within the Austin Shelter system as save rate percentages started to rise. 

Since 2008, Austin Pets Alive has saved 13,000+ animals and has been a huge part in our city's success of saving about 92% of all animals within the past year. Wow!

Today, APA not only continues the Puppy and Kitten program, but they have expanded and run programs that focus on saving the behaviorally challenged dogs that might otherwise be killed within the shelter system. APA runs an amazing Parvo program that provides medical treatment to dogs and puppies that have contracted this serious, life-threatening virus. APA works to promote adoption with a positive outcome for every pet in their area, as well as offering services to surrounding area shelters. 

Unfortunately, in a couple of months, Austin Pets Alive will be losing their main building due to the lease running out. Unfortunately they are unable to renew and are going to need to relocate to a new location. 

Right now, the old Town Lake Animal Center sits empty, with the exception of a few kennels being utilized for overflow from the new city shelter (Austin Animal Center) and the 60 kennels that APA is contracted to use as they continue to pull animals from the city shelter. With 240(ish) kennels available for use, Austin Pets Alive is asking the city to contract with them to obtain use of this otherwise empty space as they search for their new location.

Austin Pets Alive needs our help, as their supporters and friends, to reach out respectfully to the city of Austin and ask that they allow Austin Pets Alive to use this space to continue saving lives!

You can email the entire Austin City Council by clicking here!

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