Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tupelo: Client Profile!


  • Pit Bull Mix
  • 4 Years Old
  • Favorite Toys: Stuffed Toys and Sticks
Tupelo posing with his painting by The Pet Studio!
How did Tupelo come into your life?
I found Tupelo as a stray in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. At the time, I was working with a non-profit, rebuilding homes in areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. I had just finished a meeting with a homeowner when, out of nowhere, this little black dog runs over and starts jumping all over me. He was a total mess, with a cut on his left ear (you can still see the scar from that wound today), bald patches over half of his body and he was obviously underweight. 

After playing with him for awhile, I got into my car, ready to leave for the day and in hopped this dog, who made himself comfortable on my passenger seat. I felt like I shouldn't leave him, but I was not ready to just take home a dog. I coaxed him out of the car but couldn't get him out of my head as I drove home. I called my wife (well, she was my girlfriend at the time) and told her about him. The next day, we went back and picked him up. I remember holding him in my arms when we picked him up. He was filthy and smelly but at the same time, it felt incredible to be saving this dog life.

Since we rescued him on Tupelo Street, it only seemed right to name him Tupelo right then to start off his new life.
Handsome Tupelo enjoying some sun.

How has Tupelo changed your life?

As it turns out, Tupelo was a very expensive dog! He needed special baths for his mange, he had heartworms and intestinal parasites and also suffers from allergies. We also had him neutered and needed to work with him on his basic behaviors, such as house-training and how to properly go on a walk. The first few walks that I tried to take Tupelo on did not go well. He would just plop on the ground and refuse to move. Thank goodness for my wife, because she was able to show me how to be patient with him and through some work, Tupelo himself has taught me the importance of patience and sacrifice. He brings joy into our lives and we love him dearly. Everybody that meets Tupelo falls in love with him because he is sweet, charming, and sneaky in his own cute way. 

What are Tupelo's funniest quirks?
Tupelo 'talks' in his sleep, which is adorable and keeps us entertained!
We also love his Darth-Vader-like noises that he makes when he wants a taste of our dinner.

Why did you choose The Pet Studio for your custom painting?
I chose The Pet Studio because in addition to the beautiful portraits, a portion of the painting is donated back to Animal Rescue. That means a lot to me. My expectations throughout the entire experience were exceeded by the artist's professionalism, care and talent! 

"Tupelo", original 16in x 20in Painting.
Note: A 10% donation from Tupelo's portrait was donated to Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary, a non-profit organization working primarily with large-breed senior dogs. Grand Paws rescues senior dogs from high-kill shelters to let them live our their senior years in Santuary or in one of their lovely foster homes; safe, happy and loved! To donate to Grand-Paws yourself, click here.
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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