Sunday, November 13, 2011


Last week at Pit Bull Awareness Day Austin, I met (and fell in love with) a little dog named Jagger.
Jagger's painting by The Pet Studio!
At first glance, Jagger looks just as any little pittie at the festival, full is wags and kisses. As he turned his head, however, I noticed his mouth (which is quite obvious once you get past all the pittie cuteness and take him in). As a victim of a dog fighting operation (in which police officers were involved, none-the-less!), Jagger has lost a portion of his upper mouth and cheek. 
Jagger taking a break and enjoying the sunshine at Pit Bull Awareness Day!
Jagger was rescued by Treat 'Em Right Rescue of Houston, TX and after some medical care to fix his physical wounds, Jagger was introduced to his new family, which would heal his emotional wounds. While the initial intro was not as smooth as everyone hoped, his new family was already committed to loving him and did not give up. They took things slow and just a few weeks later, Jagger moved in and became a member of the pack! 
Jagger and sister, Kayla.
Jagger now has a pittie sister named Kayla and adores small dogs, especially his little dog siblings, Harley and Daisy! Most importantly, Jagger has a home, where he is absolutely adored and loved simply for being himself! 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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