Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Ol' Me.... The 'Extremist'

I got a good chuckle this week while reading a new document released by the ASPCA. If you are involved in Animal Welfare, particularly if you are aware and follow the happenings of the No Kill Advocacy Organizations out there, you are probably well informed of this document. Titled "The Tactics of the Extremist Agenda" this document goes on to label all strong-voiced No Kill Advocates as 'Extremists.' 

Really? Is that all you have, ASPCA? Name Calling?

Okay.. I'll take that! .....I'll admit it. I am an 'Extremist.'

  • I am EXTREMEly interested in saving the lives of animals... unlike your organization which, despite having a limited admission shelter and unlimited funds.... still saves a ridiculously small number of animals.
  • I am EXTREMEly involved in offering support to my area's shelters and animal welfare organizations. Unlike your organization which can't seem to solve the issues of area shelters within only a few miles of yours, where animals are living in filth and left for days on end without food.
  • I am EXTREMEly committed to use money raised by both my personal business and non-profit organization to better the lives of my communities homeless pets.
  • I am EXTREMEly dedicated to offering education to my friends, family and every person I meet on the truth of what happens behind the scenes of our shelters and working with those individuals to help find solutions to change and move forward so we are no longer seeing the same problems in the future!
  • I am EXTREMEly interested in seeing change that will better the lives of our animals. That change involves the No Kill Equation, which has PROVEN success... unlike your organization which continues to run in circles with the ideas that have PROVEN unsuccessful in the past.... oh and then try to claim the successes of others as your own.

Okay, Okay... we have a different dictionary. I am not the 'Extremist' you are talking about. 

The fact that this is the worst you can say is really quite flattering to the No Kill Movement. Truly!

We (and by 'we', I mean No Kill Advocates) have piles of facts and documents showing all of the life-saving efforts you are fighting. We can PROVE why your programs do not and have not worked over the last decades. 

Call us names all you want, but truly, it is not going to change the fact that you are losing this battle. 

Every time you inject a needle into a dogs arm, every time you applaud when a cat is needlessly killed... you are losing. 

Until you open your eyes and admit that the past has not been working, you will continue to lose, ASPCA. 

But, rest assured that when you do come to your senses, every No Kill Advocate will be EXTREMly excited to welcome you to our side. Because as an 'Extremist' I want to see every shelter in America (and the world) succeed in becoming No Kill. 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

Since the release of this document, the ASPCA has taken the document down for public viewing. However, you can view other articles relating to this document here: