Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber-Monday really has never meant anything to me until this year! As a primarily online business, I get to participate and am so excited!

As always, 10% of custom paintings will be offered to the local rescue of my client's choice, but as a special incentive to order... if I hit 100 total orders (of any products offered) I am going to donate $100 to one of my personal favorite rescues! (I will name the rescue when we get there... I have to decide which one I want to donate to this time!!!) 

I love to donate, so please join in with me and stock up for your family and friends for Christmas! Jewelry makes adorable stocking stuffers or small gifts for your co-workers and T-Shirts are always fun for those pet-loving friends! 

All Jewelry Designs will be offered at $5 each!! (Regularly $10) 50% off!!

All T-Shirt/Apparel Designs will be offered at $9.50 each! (Regularly $12.95)

Magnet Sets (New Offering!!) will be available at $5 each! (Regularly $10)

And of course, Custom Pet Paintings will be on sale varying by size and price! Order an 8in x 10in original painting for only $65 this Cyber-Monday!!

I can't thank all of my clients individually, but know that when you do order, you are supporting more than just a business. The Pet Studio is a reflection of me and I am dedicating myself to bettering the lives of rescue pets all over the world. With each order, as The Pet Studio grows, my ability to donate give back grows as well. In the last 2 years, The Pet Studio has helped cover costs for pets needing surgery, rehoming pets that have gotten lost from their owners, covering costs of formula for bottle baby cat's and puppies and overall contributing to those organizations that are working to save the lives of our community pets. Thank you all for your amazing support! I hope you enjoy The Pet Studio's Cyber-Monday Sale! 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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