Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saylor: Client Profile!

Saylor posing with her custom painting by The Pet Studio!
About Saylor:
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog | Age: About 4 yrs
Favorite Treats: Yogurt, Homemade ‘Frosty Paws’ (yogurt, banana, and peanut butter)

Why did you decide to adopt Saylor?
Saylor actually came into our lives much sooner than we had planned. Unfortunately, we lost Graham, our Bernese mix at 12 years old on Mother’s Day of 2008. Graham was such a special part of our lives and we loved him with our whole hearts. He was my baby, a clown and a teacher; he was needy, but we loved him with all of our hearts. When we lost Graham (after 10 years of living with Addison’s Disease and a 14 month battle with cancer) we were absolutely devastated.

We knew that we were hurting, but what we didn’t expect was the toll Graham’s loss took on our 8 year old Black Lab, Benson (now 11).  Benson grieved deeply and after many trips to our Vet, it was established that he was physically fine and we knew that he was truly missing his friend. He ate, did his duty and cuddled with us, but when the grass started to grow over his path in the yard, we really started to talk about what we could do for Ben.
Ben & Graham posing for a family portrait. 
Six weeks after Graham passed, a friend told me about Craigslist. (I have since gotten an education from my rescue friends about Craigslist.) I browsed a little, but really noticed Saylor the second time I was looking through the listings. I told my husband about her and he immediately said “call”. A sailor was needing to rehome her, so we loaded up Ben and headed out to meet her. It was love at first sight between Benson and Saylor.My boy perked up, did his wiggle butt thing and she joined us for the car-ride home!

Saylor not only healed Benson, but she was exactly what we needed! She reminds us of Graham in so many ways. We have laughed and we have cried. She runs laps around the house at full speed and she does her “bucking-bronco” dance. She steals my night shirts because she wants to be close to us. She is a daddy’s girl, but sleeps curled up with her mom.

Our big beautiful baby has enriched our lives in ways only a dog can. She put the wind back in Benson’s sail. What happened to make me notice her posting online at that moment? What made me beg the sailor to interview us first, instead of fourth? Why does she do things that remind us so much of Graham and come into our lives just when we needed her most? She was sent to us as a special gift. She is a special girl and I cannot truly put into words how much she means to our family!
Saylor enjoying a sunny, breezy day outside!
 What makes adoption vs buying from a breeder appeal to you?
I had always wanted a Bernese, but knew it was out of the question. Rehoming, rescue, shelter pups are my only option, as I will not personally support a breeder. Ben was rehomed the day before he was to go to the pound, and Virginia is also a senior whom we adopted one year ago.

I have had many dogs through my life, my first was at 10 months old, my parents bought a house, and the people left behind a big ole malamute mix. Surprise! Sneakers was the love of my life till I was 12, Niska, Jezebel, Ginger, Scarlett, Omar, Graham, Benson, Saylor and Virginia have rounded out the count.

My husband and I also drive on volunteer transports almost every weekend, and are supporters of our local Berks County PA Humane Society, along with many others, we know the importance of adopting, rescue, rehoming, and fostering needy pets.
'Saylor' | 11in x 14in Acrylic on Canvas
"Stephanie gave us a beautiful painting to always cherish, and we do adore you Stephanie!"
Lisa H., Saylor's Mom

With each painting, a 10% donation is made to a rescue organization. Saylor's owners chose to donate Saylor's 10% to the Humane Society of Berks County!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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