Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holly Madison... My little Pawcasso!

This week has been especially stressful. With the wildfires surrounding Austin, it's hard to find a moment without worry or stress. Enter Holly Madison, the silliest Pit mix around!

Dogs are so in tune with our emotions, my little girl could tell that I needed some extra love yesterday. While I was cooped up in the house, we decided to do a very special custom painting. This time, Holly was the artist!
I can admit, she may not be the neatest painter around, but she certainly is cute! Holly will be donating her "Rainbow" to Rainbow Diamond's Art for Rescue's Auction! Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the rescue of the Doggy Artist's choice. Holly's donation will go to Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas!
Holly posing with her finished piece! 'A Rainbow for Rainbow'!
My messy little Pawcasso!
Dirty hands & paws!
'A Rainbow for Rainbow'
9in x 12in, Acrylic on 140lb Cold Pressed Paper.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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