Monday, September 5, 2011

Austin Pets Alive! - A Blazing Day of Adoptions!

As word begin to spread that the wildfires (which are currently blazing their way through Texas due to the extreme dry and windy conditions) were causing panic at the Bastrop shelter, Austin Pets Alive! kicked into high gear to see what they could do to help our neighboring pet lovers. 

APA! offered to house the animals from Bastrop County Animal Shelter. By  reaching out to the community and asking for help, they were able to make space for the incoming guests. The number of community members that stepped up to share their homes for a night or two was amazing and by midnight last night, all dogs that were currently living at the Austin Pets Alive! facility were moved into temporary foster homes, creating that precious space to house each animal brought in from Bastrop.

Austin Pets Alive! took in only the dogs from the Bastrop Shelter, the feline evacuees were safely transported to the Austin Humane Society. By 3am last night, the kennels at APA! were once again filled with freshly vaccinated pups and they were each tucked in for a good night's sleep. 

A few of the pups available for adoption through Austin Pets Alive!
As I arrived at Austin Pets Alive! this morning, the facility was buzzing with activity, the long line of adopters waiting to finish filling out paperwork to take their new pet home, potential foster parents learning about the APA! foster program, volunteers walking dogs and of course the Shelter Staff watching over and ensuring everything ran smoothly as APA! hosted free pet adoptions all day! 

I signed in and asked where I was needed, several stations needed some water and hand sanitizer refills, a few pups needed walks or to get moved to outdoor kennels, but mostly, I was needed to help guide new pet parents as they were looking to bring a pet into their homes. So, I happily took my assigned position in the kennels as a temporary adoption counselor. 
Potential adopters visiting dogs in the kennel area.
My kennel area hosted approximately 14 dogs when I first arrived, by the end of the day, 3 had been moved to outdoor runs to enjoy the cooler weather and each of the others had an adoption pending or they were already on their way to their new forever home!

As the day went on, several numbers were announced. At one point, we heard 20 dogs had been adopted, at another time, 30. However, the true final count at the end of the day showed that 64 dogs found their new forever homes through Austin Pets Alive today!
The kennel area, all empty, just before I left today.

Personally, I am overwhelmed at the amazing number of caring individuals that stepped up today to either volunteer, transport, donate or adopt a pet during this very scary situation. People that I know personally and those that I don't. People that have made an impact and have helped save thousands of animal's lives. People who set aside their own schedules and make time to scoop poop, clean a litterbox, fluff a blanket or fill a water bowl. These people have all made an impression on me today and shows me that no matter what, there is always good in people. 

Nearly 500 homes have been lost and over 25,000 acres have burned, but our community is standing together to ensure the safety of both humans and animals. With these animals tucked in safe at home tonight, my hopes are that the remaining people and animals in the Bastrop area (and all areas effected by disaster) are able to find their way safely. 

Myself with one of the rescue pups. 
Thank you Austin Pets Alive! for all of the amazing work that you do! 

To donate to Austin Pets Alive!, please click here. Donations are desperately needed to help cover the costs of Veterinary Care.

Stephanie Conrad
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