Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Unconditional Love of D.O.G.

When I first saw this, it took my breath away. 

Petty Officer 1st Class, Jon T. Tumilson was among the 30 troops that was killed on August 6th when Taliban insurgents shot down the helicopter which was transporting these American troops. During Tumilson's funeral in his hometown of Rockford, Iowa (which has a population of about 1000), Tumilson's loyal companion accompanied the 1500 human mourners. 

As Jon's best friend, Scott Nichols walked to the front of the town's high school gymnasium, Hawkeye followed. As Nichols started speaking, Hawkeye took his place by Jon Tumilson's side and gave a sigh. Hawkeye remained by  Jon's casket for the duration of the funeral.

From now on, Hawkeye will be spending his days with Jon Tumilson's great friend, Scott Nichols, who cared for Hawkeye while Tumilson was deployed overseas. Not only did Tumilson absolutely love his dog, but he cared enough that he wrote Hawkeye into his will and asked his friend to take custody of him should something ever happen.

Jon has been described as an 'outstanding man' as well as a 'hero'. Hawkeye must have felt the same way...

My condolences to the family, Hawkeye included. There are so many times that we take our freedom and our livelihoods for granted. 

As a small token of my personal appreciation, I am sending a portrait of Hawkeye with the flag, two of Jon's favorite things, to his parents, George and Kathy. My hopes are that this piece will remind them of their son and the amazing love he shared with all of us.  

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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