Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hurricane Harvey - How can you help?

Over the past 24 hours, my phone and email have been lighting up with messages from family,
friends and my area rescue community as we all check in to ensure the others are safe during Hurricane Harvey. The Texas community has been hit hard and while my family and friends are all safe and in the best situations they can be in, our rescue community has been hard at work saving lives and helping those that may have been hit harder.

Of course, I have so many amazing supporters for my business that have reached out to ask what we need and how they can help as well. So, I wanted to share a few wonderful organizations that have stepped in to help those that have been displaced by this violent storm.

A huge Thank You to the volunteers of the Texas Bailing Out Benji Team for helping to create this list of amazing organizations!

Austin Pets Alive! - Austin, TX (donate here)
  • This organization has always been at the forefront of disaster. In 2011, when a huge wildfire broke out in Bastrop, just east of Austin, they stepped in and rescued hundreds of animals. This week, as Hurricane Harvey made landfall, APA! was once again on the front lines, welcoming in the community to help and rendering aid to dozens of animal shelters that were hit hard. Over 200 pets went into foster care in a matter of hours, allowing APA! to save hundreds more. You can make a donation to Austin Pets Alive here. 
Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary - Houston / Porter, TX 
  • Hot Mess is a great org and one that I hold dear, as we adopted our sweet Panda Bear from them. Right now, they have been without power since early this morning yet are still offering aid to area rescues where they can. Over the coming week(s), Hot Mess will be finding ways to help their Houston community as they recover from the awful flooding. Donate to Hot Mess via their Amazon Wishlist or directly to via Paypal. 
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary - Angleton, TX
  • Vegan Sanctuary working to transport and relocate large animals that are in danger of death due to this storm. Learn more and make a donation here.
San Antonio Pets Alive - San Antonio, TX
  • San Antonio Pets Alive works directly with the city shelter in San Antonio, pulling animals at risk of euthanasia. They have been an amazing asset within the Central Texas community and are currently in need of fosters, donors and support to save animals impacted by the storms. Donate here or send them an item from their Amazon Wishlist
Central Texas Pig Rescue - Bastrop, TX
  • Yes, you read that right! This wonderful Pig Rescue is a small family run organization that started when these two pig parents realized how many pigs were dumped at shelters or worse when they grew larger than expected. They have been hit hard during this storm and their property has flooded with severe damage to their fencing and animal housing structures. Learn more and donate here.
Bastrop Animal Rescue - Bastrop, TX
  • B.A.R. is a rescue that I adore and donate to regularly. They have foster families in the areas with severe flooding and the leadership of this organization is out doing physical rescues as I write right now. They have saved animals by boat from porches, roofs and are prepared to do anything else needed to ensure they save as many lives as possible. Donate here to help their rescue efforts. 
Austin Humane Society - Austin, TX
  • AHS is currently taking in dozens of cats from shelters effected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate to help their organization here.
Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter - Georgetown, TX
  • Currently offering support, foster homes and shelter to animals displaced by the storms. Donate here or see their Amazon Wishlist.
Gulf Coast Humane Society - Fort Meyers, FL
  • All animals are currently safe, they are looking for donations to stock their food pantry, which assists families that need help caring for pets after a disaster. Donate here.
Lola's Lucky Day - Houston, TX
  • Helped rescue 30 dogs from a coastal shelter. Lola's Lucky Day focuses on helping individuals that need to rehome their pets. They try to keep animals out of the shelter system. Donate here.
The SPCA of Texas - Dallas, TX
  • Seeking items from their Amazon wishlist. They have taken in 120 cats during the storms and will need enrichment items and food to help care for them. 
Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward - Houston, TX
  • This organization is on the ground day in and day out saving stray dogs in Houston. They have been badly impacted by the storm and plan to be back on the street saving dogs as soon as it is safe to do so. Every donation counts! Donate here.
Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoptions - Lewisville, IN
  • Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoptions is taking in orphaned puppies and dogs from the Corpus Christi, TX area. Donate here.
Austin Lost and Found Pets - Austin, TX
  • This is an all volunteer networking organization that assists in reuniting animals with their families. They work day in and day out regularly and are in overdrive mode right now assisting families that need help during the storms. Learn more here
Wags Hope and Healing Dog Rescue - Bastrop, TX
  • Currently accepting donations to take to the Victoria Animal Shelter and assist with rescue efforts there. They will be focused on both animal and human rescue efforts. Donate here.
Tall Tails Rescue - Houston, TX
  • Tall Tails Rescue was badly impacted by the storms. Their kennels are completely underwater and their rescue animals were all evacuated by boat. The property is destroyed and will need to be rebuilt completely. Learn more here.
Wings of Rescue - Livermore, CA
  • A group of pilots that offer help to rescue organizations during times like this. Currently, they have offered assistance and are traveling with donations to assist those effected by the hurricane. Learn more here
Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward - Houston, TX
  • Beautiful rescue that is literally in the trenches of Houston saving stray dogs daily. They have a team on the ground pulling animals out of water and into safety. Learn more and donate here.
Pals for Pooches - Houston / Humble, TX
  • Houston, TX based rescue that has been working hard to save as many displaced pets as possible during the storms. Donate here.
A Smart Rescue - Spring, TX
  • In addition to saving animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey, this organization sustained flooding and damage to their property. Luckily, all animals were evacuated with time but will need help rebuilding to continue to save lives in the future. Learn more and donate here
Austin Animal Center - Austin, TX
  • Currently organizing and running a rescue shelter in Austin, TX to help pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Austin is the largest No Kill city in the United States, due in a huge part to our shelter and city leadership, which have actively embraced No Kill philosophies and programs. Learn more and donate here.
Bailing Out Benji - Ames, IA
  • Bailing Out Benji has been raising and transporting much needed donations to various rescues that have been impacted by the storms. Donate here.

These are just a few of the rescues and shelters offering and/or needing assistance. I will update this list as I learn of more groups. Please, as you consider making a donation, ensure that you are donating to an established organization that will use your donations for the victims that need it most. Unfortunately, there are those that will take advantage of this disaster. If you need advice, we are always here to help!!

50% from all sales through Wednesday will be donated to help animals that have been effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art, owner