Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small Biz Shoutout: ZOO SNOODS!!

Panda Bear in her Panda Zoo Snood!
I adore finding great products from other small businesses and my house is filled with a variety of work by small artists, fun items from local vendors and every trip we take, we seek out local markets to add to our collection. When I came across Zoo Snoods, I couldn't believe how amazingly adorable these pet costumes are and immediately ordered one to put on my own pups. In addition, Zoo Snoods was amazing and offered a variety of costumes to me for the shelter animals that I photograph for various rescues here in Austin. This was such a fun project and a hilarious way to get our adoptable pets noticed by more potential adopters!

The adoptable animals at the shelter seemed to enjoy them almost as much as we did. Of course, they received lots of attention and treats as we ran our Zoo Snood photo session! 

Not only are they adorable, I was highly impressed with the level of service that Zoo Snoods offered, the packaging for each Snood and the fabric quality is fantastic. Other than one very intense big dog at the shelter who mistook the snood for a toy, we had no rips or snags during our sessions and we have been using these regularly for nearly 5 months now! We have been hand washing our snoods as I am worried the ears/horns/antlers will be damaged in the wash. I soak them in the sink in soapy water for about 20 minutes, then hand agitate and rinse. They dry well outside and we have not experienced any shrinkage or shape mishaps when washing this way. Hand washing is recommended, but on the Zoo Snood website, the gentle cycle is mentioned as an acceptable form of cleaning. 

Other than the Panda Bear, I am a huge fan of the monkey Snood. My cat has one, although, she isn't as keen on wearing it as my lil' Panda is. I'm pretty sure she cursed me after this photo! 

On Monday, we will be having a contest to win a free Zoo Snood of your choice, so head over to our facebook page to enter! 

Can't wait to see if you win? Grab a Zoo Snood of your own at

Stephanie Conrad
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