Monday, June 5, 2017

Mutt Monday: Meet Ari

Today's Mutt Monday feature is a bittersweet writeup for me. Ari is such a special girl and it truly breaks my heart that she has been waiting for nearly 3 years for her forever family to find her. I photographed this sweet pup in 2015, after she was pulled from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter into the care of a partner rescue group, Georgetown Animal Outreach. 

Why has she been waiting so long? There isn't really a reason! Ari is a precious lady, she is incredibly smart, gets along well with everyone she meets and when properly introduced, is perfectly well behaved around other dogs and seems to be uninterested in cats. Ari's foster family has two dogs of their own and she does well with them. Unfortunately, Ari is leaving her current foster home and needs to find a new place to hunker down while she waits to be adopted. Even better, a foster to adopt situation would be the perfect setup for this cute girl. 

Ari is a 3 year old Pointer and Great Dane mix. Her foster family has taught her some amazing obedience skills, including sit, down, stay and several other basic commands. Ari is a young dog and has plenty of energy, making her the perfect addition to an active family. With the proper excercise, Ari also enjoys plenty of cuddle time. 

As with all dogs, it may take a little time for Ari to adjust to her new home. She is a wonderful dog and once she settles in to your family, she will be a loyal companion for life! 

As an added bonus, Ari's adoption comes with a FREE membership to the Doghouse Drinkery and Dog Park in Cedar Park, TX (All potential dog members are evaluated at the park prior to joining, Ari would still need to go through her evaluation.) 

If you are interested in learning more or meeting Ari, contact Georgetown Animal Outreach

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