Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cats and Coffee

Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, TX has quickly become a favorite spot of mine to enjoy an iced coffee while I work remotely. Not only is the cafe cat-themed, but they are home to several Austin Humane Society cats who are waiting for their forever homes! 

As I sit and drink my coffee with my laptop on the table and a kitty snoozing in the chair next to me, I can't help but think about how amazing this city truly is. We moved to Austin over a decade ago, as soon as I could get here, it felt meant to be. Maybe it's cheesy to feel in love with a city, but this town has really gotten me through some hard times as well as helping me grow as a person and a small business owner. 

Sadly, earlier this month, Blue Cat Cafe was vandalized by some locals who felt they were part of a gentrification problem in the East side of Austin. It was heartbreaking as a supporter of this cafe to see such a nasty attack happen, especially since this shop is not out to hurt anyone, in fact, it's just the opposite! Of course, every city sees change and naturally neighborhoods will evolve, but unfortunately some people aren't as on board or supportive of this sweet shop as I am. 

A few months ago, I showcased a video I took at the cafe, and I felt it was time to revisit Blue Cat to show my support after they were attacked. Violence and destruction are never the answer and we are wishing Blue Cat Cafe the absolute best as they move forward from here. I guarantee that I will be back in soon to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some adoptable kitty love!

Blue Cat Cafe has adopted out nearly 200 cats since they opened in October of 2015! 

Stephanie Conrad
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