Monday, October 31, 2016

Mutt Monday: Meet Billie

Talk about a fun dog! Billie is currently available for adoption through Austin Dog Rescue and is a ball of happy, cute energy. I had the pleasure of meeting Billie at Puppy Mill Awareness Day Austin and spent some time chatting with her fosters, who say she is just a wonderful dog waiting for that perfect family to scoop her up.

Billie is more than just a gorgeous redhead though, from her own bio online:

"Hi everyone! I am Billie and I am about one of the most fun pups I have ever met! I love running and jumping on everything, even when I don't all the way make it and fall! I have that 'must try' attitude that keeps everyone laughing. I give kisses, all the time, and am pretty darn strong for my size so I get a lot of kisses in!

I currently live with some big foster canines and I love to wrestle and play ALL the time!! I would love a home with a canine brother who can match my energy however I would be OK being the only child as well as long as I get lots and lots of play time. I cannot be in a home with cats though and I think the cats will agree they would prefer not to be in a home with me.
I am pretty active for a puppy so I would probably not do well in a home with littler kids because my excitement might get in the way of good judgement. I would really like a home where my family could spend lots of time with me teaching me manners, socialization, training and helping me find a task for my working breed background.
Because I am thought to be at least part Australian Cattle Dog a family that knows some about working breeds would be helpful to me as I learn who I am.
Do you sound like a fit for my lifestyle? If so submit an application today so we can meet!"
If you are interested in meeting Billie or learning more about the Austin Dog Rescue program, visit their website here!

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