Friday, July 29, 2016

The Piping Plovers...

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After arriving home from my studio today, I proudly proclaimed "I made a new Piping Plover tote design today" to which my husband replied with a very confused face. I immediately thought to myself, "How can anyone not know what a Piping Plover is?" Alas, my husband is probably in the majority of the world, as he informed me that most people are not quite as enthusiastic about sea birds as I am. 

Of course, this lead to a You Tube binge of all the Piping Plover videos I could find until I felt satisfied that Chris understood how adorable these little birds are. Pixar wouldn't have made their new short film (called Piper - it airs before Finding Dory) about a boring bird, right? 

Random Piping Plover Facts:
Piping Plovers feed on both freshwater and saltwater invertebrates that wash up on shore. You can often see these birds chasing the waves out to the ocean in hopes of finding a crunchy mollusk to dine on. Unfortunately, the overall population of Piping Plovers is rather low, with only a few thousand breeding pairs of Piping Plovers throughout the United States and southern Canada. Plovers breed nearly every year and hatch 3 - 4 eggs each season. They are equal opportunity birds and both the male and females of the couple will incubate the eggs for about a month until they hatch.  
So, are you now in love? If not, here is a video of a lovely mother and her adorable chicks!

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