Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 Hedgehogs you need to follow on Instagram

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Little prickly things are just fascinating, don't you think? Tiny cacti in pots, prickly pear margaritas and of course the best - Hedgehogs! From their tiny wiggly noses and teensy toes to their sharp, stabby fur that you are tempted to stroke as they mosey around in search of  a meal worm to snack on. Hedgehogs have become a popular pocket pet in recent years and it's really not hard to see why. 

These five Hedgies have taken adorable to the next level with their own Instagram accounts. From Calico, an adorable Hedgehog who goes out on adventures and snaps stunning photos to the Hedgehogs in Hats Instagram account where - you guessed it - a variety of adorable Hedgehogs dress up in their finest head wear, these adorable little creatures are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed. The tiny sombreros and birthday hats are almost too much to handle! 

@hedgehogmeeps seems to enjoy making new friends! 
@hedgehogswearinghats may be the best thing to hit the internet since cat videos. 
@pokeyozzie - Perhaps the most intellectual Hedgie I have ever seen! 
@mabel_the_hedgehog - look at how tiny she is in the grass. Too cute! 
@adventuresofcalico is full of color and absolutely stunning
photos of Calico the Hedgehog.