Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rescued Dog Takes His Love of Pizza to the Extreme....

Finn on the day he was rescued.
Photo from his Facebook page.
Pizza. It's just a happy word! It makes me think of the Ninja Turtles, late night dinners with friends and binge watching my favorite shows on the couch. Recently, we have started experimenting with different Vegan pizza recipes at home (try the Follow Your Heart brand vegan mozzarella - yum!). Of course, we try hard not to share with the pup, but occasionally, she will offer up those lovey puppy dog eyes and we just can't resist. Holly likes Pizza, especially when it comes from our plates, but Finn takes his love of pizza to a whole new level!

Finn was rescued after spending the majority of his life at the end of a heavy chain. He was one of 367 dogs rescued by the ASPCA during the largest dog fighting operation bust in the country. After being released to a rescue group called Plenty of Pit Bulls, Finn experienced love and care for the first time. Now, as you can see, he welcomes fun adventures and is making the best of life. 

We just love you Finn and can't wait to see more adorable videos as you continue on your new happy journey experiencing the best that life has to offer! 

Stephanie Conrad
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