Friday, March 18, 2016

Arizona Trip

Huge Elk walks over to visit me. Luckily, he just
gave me a long look before heading down the mountain!
This week, my sister and I took my dad on a fantastic trip to Sedona, AZ to visit the Grand Canyon
and see the beautiful Red Rocks in Sedona. It was an absolutely stunning trip, the landscape of Arizona is gorgeous. Of course, we had the pleasure of a few wildlife encounters, including a huge Elk who came within feet of me - a photographers dream - and an adorable rock squirrel, who cause me to slip on a rock and bang up my hand as I was trying to catch an adorable shot of him (completely my fault, when on a mountain, always watch your footing!).

We enjoyed a quick jaunt through a cactus forest, a hot air balloon ride over the red rocks in Sedona and of course a stunning walk along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I am usually not a tourist destination-type girl, I usually like to find a quiet scenic spot and enjoy viewing it with a Mimosa in my hand, but this trip really brought out the nature-lover in me. Every year, I try to take a little getaway with my family, some years, we take my mom, some years my sister and I have a week away and of course, we often get-together with the entire family. I am so lucky to have a family that has always offered support for my little business!

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist 

Montezuma Castle National Monument
Red Rocks of Arizona
Hot Air Balloon ride over the Red Rocks in Sedona
Two of my very favorite people - my sister, Susie and my dad!
(oh, and let't forget my third favorite - my coffee!)
The Rock Squirrel that prompted my injury - the pic was worth it!
My beat up hand after slipping on a rock. Clumsy people should
always be supervised at the Grand Canyon. 
Feeling a little shorter than usual in Arizona!