Friday, April 1, 2016

Tux waited 283 days for his new family... See how happy he is now!

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting an adorable little pup named Tux. He was rescued after living on the streets with a homeless woman, who unfortunately was arrested. When a friend who had been helping to provide food and veterinary care for Tux was alerted to his owner's arrest, she immediately began to scramble to ensure he ended up in a safe space. 

Tux spent the next 283 days in foster care, then at our local animal shelter (where we thought he might have a better chance at adoption since he would be able to visit with potential adopters - Tux was tagged to go back into rescue should there ever come a time that the shelter ran out of space), then into the loving care of another local rescue group called Austin Pets Alive. It was with Austin Pets Alive that Tux found his happy ending and we could not be more excited to see this sweet guy get adopted! 

283 days is a long time to wait for your family to find you, but with the dedication of many, many rescue supporters in our community, I am thrilled to announce his adoption! For those in the rescue community, keep working hard... sometimes the waiting turns into months, months into years, but for every single animal that we save, isn't it worth every second? 

Congratulations Tux! 
(You can see Tux's full story here)

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Tux enjoying a morning latte with his new family!