Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Beauty of Compassion...

I didn't get a photo of the little dog today, but 
this is Rizo, another scruffy stray, who happily 
joined my family nearly 18 years ago!
Today, my husband and I witnessed something truly beautiful. As we often do on weekends, we headed to downtown Austin to spend the day at the beautiful Barton Springs. Today, we decided to go kayaking on the river then take a dip in the cool water (68 degrees year round - it feels amazing in the Texas summer heat). As we headed down to the water, we noticed a cute little scruffy dog sitting in the shade under a tree. We assumed he was with a family and taking a break from the water, as this is a very popular off-leash area for dog owners to frequent (at any given time, there are 20 - 30 dogs frolicking in the water). To be safe, we kept an eye on him as we waded into the water and after a few minutes, it became clear that he was on his own. 

As we were watching him, two young women (early 20s) also had their eyes on him and as it became clear to everyone that no one was claiming him, they scooped him up and ensured that he would be taken to safety. Of course, had he not been claimed we would have taken him home and ensured that he was cared for, but seeing others step in as well was just heart-warming. 

In rescue, I often hear the words, "I hate people" or "I love animals more than people" but today was another reminder that while sometimes we feel alone in the work we do, it's important to remember that there are other like-minded people in the world. Those that will step up and ensure a scruffy little dog is well cared for. The world is full of amazing, compassionate people. 

The entire event today took up about 10 minutes of my time, but it will have a lasting effect. Don't lose hope in humanity because for every person that abandons a dog, there are others that are willing to step in and lend a helping hand.

Stephanie Conrad
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