Monday, June 22, 2015

Pet of the Week: Tux

Since moving into my new studio space last year, I have had so much fun coming up with new, exciting things to do with all of this extra space. A few months ago, I decided to take things to the next level with my photography and spent some time creating a cute little photography setup, where clients can come in and get some glamour shots of their little furry ones! In addition to clients, I have invited a few rescue organizations to have their adoptable pets photographed for free!

Several rescues have taken me up on this offer and over the past year, I have photographed for Love-A-Bull, The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Bastrop Animal Rescue, Pflugerville Pets Alive as well as a few others. When I heard about Tux's story, I just had to offer him a session. Not only is this boy incredibly handsome, but his story really stuck out in my mind and for several days after hearing it, I just couldn't get him off my mind. 

Several weeks ago, my friend Patty (who runs the PASS program at Austin Pets Alive) received an email asking for help for a homeless woman and her dog. Being the kindhearted person that she is, Stephanie Marsh (who I had not yet met) drove over to offer a dog coat to Tux to keep him warm through the cold winter weather. As she arrived, she noticed that Tux looked sick, so she offered to take him to her personal Vet and pay for treatment. His owner agreed and they all loaded up to get Tux checked out. The Vet determined that Tux didn't have anything serious, just a bad stomach ache and possibly allergies, so after updating a vaccine, they headed to CVS to get Tux some tummy meds. Not wanting to leave Tux in the car, Stephanie gave the woman a $20 and had her buy the meds for Tux. After she returned to the car, Stephanie drove her to Goodwill and offered to buy her some clothes as well as a rolling suitcase to carry her things. 

Three nights later, Stephanie received a call from the police in the middle of the night stating that Tux's owner was being arrested. She had the receipt from Tux's vet care on her, so the police wanted to know how Stephanie was connected her, of course she was honest and explained Tux's situation. The police informed her that Tux would be impounded at the city shelter unless Stephanie wanted to pick him up immediately. Stephanie and her husband headed out immediately and arrived at the underpass where Tux and his owner lived, the cops explained that she had been caught with drugs and needles and had done some 'really bad stuff' which meant she would not be reclaiming him. She cares deeply for Tux and asked Stephanie to reach out to her and help her find placement for Tux, even stating that she had a friend who had just gotten an apartment that could take him. Stephanie promised she would not let him be euthanized at a shelter and would do everything she could to find him a great home. 

After taking Tux to be checked out, they scanned him for a microchip and yes! he had one! It seemed that this might be Tux's lucky day, so Stephanie called the number attached to the microchip only to find out that Tux had run away and they no longer wanted him. So, Stephanie has changed Tux's information to reflect her as the owner and is working hard to find him a forever home herself.

Tux is super friendly and loves all people. He is very kid friendly and enjoys the company of some other dogs. He seems to do better with female dogs than male, but would do amazing in a single dog household! Tux is the perfect size, maybe 40 - 45lbs and knows several commands, walks well on a leash and just loves to be with you. If you are interested in adopting Tux, contact Stephanie Marsh at 512.608.8280 or email her with any questions at

How can you help? 

  • Share, share, share! You never know who will see Tux and want to bring him into their home, or who you may inspire to choose adoption in the future! Sharing this blog post on Facebook and other social media channels helps increase Tux's chance at a forever home! 
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  • Adopt, don't shop! You hear this often, but it's so true, when choosing to bring a pet into your hope, always choose adoption! There are so many amazing pets looking for a home!

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