Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So many cats!!!

Rita, one of the 80+ Shadow Cats posing with her portrait!
If you have been following my work for awhile (thank you for that by the way!), you know that I love cats. I really love cats! I share my home with two beautiful kitties, Jazz and Izze Belle and spend the majority of my volunteer time photographing cats. 

My husband and I foster kittens, usually young mothers who are nursing their babies and of course, I have lots of kitty painting-clients! 

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite rescue organizations, Shadow Cats. You may remember that I did a fundraiser with Shadow Cats last October where we raised almost $700 for their sanctuary program. 

During that fundraiser, I was able to share the story of Shadow Cats as well as spread the word about their wonderful program. Shadow Cats is unique in that they offer life-time sanctuary to special needs cats. While they do offer adoptions, the majority of the Shadow Cats live their entire lives at the sanctuary, where they are incredibly loved and pampered. This is a beautiful program and a rescue that I deeply admire. 

On Friday, May 29th, Shadow Cats will host a very special visitor, Jackson Galaxy of the Animal Planet show 'My Cat from Hell'. Jackson is one of the world's best cat behaviorists and overall just an awesome guy. He has been to Austin a few times and publicly offers his support for Shadow Cats and their sanctuary program. 

You can get tickets to meet Jackson and the awesome folks behind the scenes with Shadow Cats by visiting their website

While I was visiting Shadow Cats, I spoke with a few volunteers, all of which have been with Shadow Cats for years (they truly have an amazing dedicated team) about the upcoming event. They shared stories of the sanctuary cats as well as their thoughts on Jackson himself. Everyone had amazingly nice things to say and particularly were struck at his soft approach at the sanctuary. On his show, Jackson may seem loud and boisterous, however in person, he comes across as calm and very much in control. This translates incredibly well to the cats and he gave the team wonderful advice on making sanctuary life even better for the Shadow Cat felines! 

I am, of course, wishing Shadow Cats the absolute best in their upcoming event and sending a huge Thank You to Jackson Galaxy for sharing his love of cats with our Austin community!

Stephanie Conrad
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