Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Homes for kids AND pets!

The beautiful painting that Hannah made while she was
visiting and filming her adoption video. 
Every week, Partnerships for Children works with a different child awaiting adoption. This organization hosts an artwork project called the Heart Gallery, which features children that are currently in foster care, many of them in long-term foster care, waiting for that perfect family to offer them love and stability. As part of this project, Partnerships for Children features a video each week of a special child, calling this their 'Forever Families' series. In addition to featuring a child, this program looks for local businesses to film their videos at, and this week, I had the lovely opportunity to be the host business for Hannah's film.

Hannah is a  lovely 12 year old little girl who has a huge heart for dogs. It only seemed fitting that we would spend some time doing a dog painting. In preparation for her visit, I sketched out a picture of my personal pup, Holly, for Hannah to paint. 

As she arrived to my studio, Hannah was initially shy. Understandably so, with 5 adults in the room, one of which has a big camera, it must have been an intimidating situation, but as soon as we got started on our painting, Hannah warmed up and her funny personality started coming out. A few minutes later, she was comfortably laughing and having a blast with her portrait. After she finished, we were even treated to her beautiful singing voice as she dazzled us with 'Let It Go" from Frozen. 

In addition, we had a special puppy guest join us, Puppy Chariot with Love-A-Bull Rescue came along to spend some time with Hannah and bring some extra comedy to the filming! Hannah of course fell right in love with Chariot and the two of them spent quite a bit of time playing fetch around the studio.

This was quite an experience, as I have a true soft spot for children in foster care. My husband and sister-in-law were both adopted as babies and meeting Hannah and hearing the stories of the many other children that have been featured in the 'Forever Families' video series just made me more appreciative what a wonderful family both my husband and I have.

I am wishing Hannah a beautiful future with a warm and caring family, she certainly deserves to know the same love I was given growing up. 

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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Painting with Hannah while she is interviewed. Sweet puppy Chariot was
very helpful!