Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Second Annual Fundraiser for VIllalobos

We are so excited to announce our second annual fundraiser for Villalobos Rescue Center. We will be featuring VRC pups all month long during February and have about 20 paintings available for sale featuring their amazing pups! 

Dogs like Meadow (featured in her New Orleans best) and Dude, a beautiful Dogo Argentino who was surrendered to his local shelter after jumping off a 2nd story balcony and breaking his legs. Villalobos pulled him from the shelter and gave him all the TLC and medical care he needed to become a happy, healthy dog. 

100% of each original painting sale will be donated to VRC, while 30% from other items, such as greeting cards, tote bags and prints will be donated!

Visit our fundraiser at to shop away and enjoy some unique pit bull themed artwork!

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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Here are a few other items in our fundraiser:

Anya Print (To order: click here)
Puma Necklace (To order: Click Here)

Tigger Greeting Card Set (To Order: click here)

Duke Print (To Order: click here)