Sunday, July 7, 2013

Farm to Market & New Friends!

Bentley's portrait, painted
shortly after he was rescued with
burns on his face.
Today I had the pleasure of attending the Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin and had an absolute blast! This market is held every Sunday from 10am - 2pm and hopes are that this will become a fairly regular event for Pet Studio Art. From locally grown veggies to fresh lemonade, this market has a little bit of everything - including lots of dogs and their people stopping by. Of course, I love meeting all of the local business owners, tasting new foods (I had a delicious black bean Veggie Tamale from Gardeners Feast for lunch) and overall being part of a market that supports local artisans like me!

My booth was steady and my eco-friendly tote-bags were a fun hit, but the highlight of my day was meeting Bentley, a pup who touched my life two years ago - well before we met for the first time in person today!

Some of you may remember my "I Bark, I Purr, I Feel" campaign. I chose several abused pets and painted them to tell their stories. Bentley was featured as part of this campaign to raise awareness against Animal Abuse after he was dropped off at the shelter with severe burns to his face. His former owner claimed he had 'allergies' but the Veterinarian who saw to Bentley's injuries knew better. Bentley was placed on the 'Kill List' at the shelter, but when his (now) mom saw his photo and heard his story, she rushed right in to scoop him up! Bentley's burns were immediately treated and it wasn't long before he was well on his way to recovery. 

Skip ahead to today. Bentley sweetly steps into my booth and starts giving kisses. Of course, I swoon all over him, at the time not realizing who he is. His mom and I start chatting and she mentions that I have painted Bentley. I so rarely forget a client that I am absolutely horrified that I cannot picture him. It wasn't until she mentioned the burns on his face that it clicked and my mind was completely blown! Bentley looks AMAZING! Only a few small scars remain - what's left is a sweet, happy melt-in-your-arms charming pit bull mix. Bentley is absolutely a testament to the resilience of dogs and I felt so honored to meet him and his wonderful family today!

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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