Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just One Day?

Today is anything but just another day! Many of my No-Kill supporting fans will know why I am so excited about today and what it represents. 

Today is the day that No-Kill supporters ask their local shelters (and all shelters across the USA - no, the World) to stop the killing. Put down the euthanasia needles and pick up cameras, pass out fliers, talk to the media and FIGHT for the pets in their care. Today is a day that we ask the shelters to open their minds and take a look at what No-Kill really is and invite the public to save more lives. 

We want to see empty kennels, not because animals were killed throughout the day, but because extended shelter hours, adoptions promotions and positive adoption campaigns touched their community and everyone came together for the greater good.

I know, it's a big dream - but the great part is, because of the hard work of those that put together the 'Just One Day' pledge, last year, nearly 800 organizations took part in this life-saving celebration! This year - I hope we double, triple or quadruple that number! 

To learn more about the Just One Day Pledge, click here, and be sure to 'like' the official Facebook page to keep up with some amazing stories throughout the day! 

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist