Monday, April 1, 2013

Villalobos Rescue Center Fundraiser!

This month, I am working with a phenomenal rescue organization... Villalobos Rescue Center! Not only does this great organization focus on rescuing abandoned or homeless Pit Bull type pups, but they also have their very own reality T.V. Series on Animal Planet called Pit Bulls and Parolees - and they just started filming for season 5! 

As a fan of the show, it just seemed natural to paint a couple of the pups that Tia and her crew care for. Of course they are all special, but a few of the pups have touched me personally. Two of those pups were Cheech and Chong. Of course, if you follow the show, you know their story! These two boys were abandoned at a local shelter. When Tia stopped in to the shelter, her heart broke at the site of these pups snuggled up together, broken and scared. It was obvious that these boys needed love and soon enough, they were officially part of the Villalobos family. 

Over the past year, Cheech and Chong have had their ups and downs, including Chong being diagnosed with cancer. This handsome boy has gone into remission and is doing well now, but with his health issues, it has been decided that these two boys would retire at Villalobos and live out their days happy with Tia's two sons.

Cheech and Chong are brothers, and they are just the epitome of love. With their portrait, I chose to take the photo that was originally snapped at the shelter and give it a new and positive spin. While the shelter photo in itself is heartbreaking, I chose to pose these handsome boys together, in the same pose, but to remove the bars. These pups know love, they know family and now they will never have to know the feeling of being left behind in a shelter again.

The original Cheech and Chong painting is available for sale, along with 20 other pieces this month, all which will benefit Villalobos Rescue Center!

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Stephanie Conrad

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